Community Roller Derby
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What is roller derby?

Roller derby has a long and varied history starting in the 1930s (think speed races meet WWE drama). The current version of the sport started in Texas, USA in 2004. It’s an awesome game of skill, strategy, and tactics played on quad skates.

In the UK, there are around 150 competitive roller derby leagues (about 15 in Yorkshire alone!). Roller derby is recognised by Sport England and is governed by the United Kingdom Roller Derby Association, our National Governing Body.

At ALL IN, we work with two roller derby rulesets.

We teach the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) ruleset in our 16-week Learn to Roller Derby programme and our Roller Derby Training Club classes. This is the standard ruleset for competitive play in the UK.

For our recreational scrimmage nights and community programmes, we work with the Rolla Skate Club Short Track Rolla Derby ruleset. Short Track is designed to be accessible and is our go-to ruleset for recreational roller derby.