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Learn to Roller Derby

 So you want to play some roller derby?!

For brand new, never before skaters, check out Learn to Roller Derby: Just Add Wheels.
Done a bit of skating but not loads, start straight into the Learn to Roller: Derby Training Programme.
Already a derby skater wanting to train recreational or brush up on your skills, then have a look at our Roller Derby Training Club.

Learn to roller derby

If you’ve never skated before, get started with Just Add Wheels, our 4-week introduction to skating. Once you’re absolutely in love with roller derby, you can join the Learn to Roller Derby Training Programme, a 12-week rolling programme of skate training sessions designed to develop the fundamental skate and game skills you need for roller derby.

Skaters with some skating experience can jump right into the Training Programme, either as their primary derby training or to get more coaching and time on wheels to supplement their league training.

Check out our Five Stars to Scrimmage to see the skills you’ll be learning!

Lateral Skate Skills

Learn to Roller Derby : Just Add Wheels (4 weeks)

Perfect for the never-before skater or new skaters building their confidence. Small class sizes and qualified coaches get you moving (and stopping!) on wheels. Not to mention turning around, jumping, and skating in a roller derby pack!

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Learn to Roller Derby : Training Programme (12 weeks)

Great for skaters who can already stop and go and feel comfortable on their feet. This class will build your game skills, working in walls, and your blocking. Not to mention a big focus on the rules of roller derby!

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Roller Derby Training Club

Sessions designed around game skills and game play. Individual course listings will list the star level skills requirements needed to take part. Not all sessions are available yet, but watch this space!

Scrimmage Skills

Minimum skills are derby skills, but there are so many more skills to roller derby and this course aims to give you an introduction and opportunity to practice skills that might not be on the check list, but will definitely get you ready for scrimmage. Chest blocking, jammer tracking, and working in a wall are just a starter for ten. This course keeps your skills keen and builds your game play.

Minimum Skills

Once you’ve achieved an orange star, you’re scrimmage ready for ALL IN, but if you want to train to be a part of a competitive league, you’ve going to need your WFTDA Minimum Skill Requirements. These sessions focus on nailing the skills and passing the test. It’s a great opportunity to really drill those skills you don’t get time to practice.

Short Track Sessions

Short track scrimmage nights, with different level options for play. The sessions start with coach-led warm ups and drills before heading straight into 2 back-to-back 30 minute games of short track rolla derby!

Roller Derby Training Club Night

A weekly drop in session which focusses on different elements of the game, skills, strategy, and tactics, Every week is different, introducing new skills and concepts as well as drilling the fundamentals. This session is built around what the skaters want to learn! Qualified coaches on hand to give feedback and facilitate drills. Come train!


In addition to our courses and classes, we also run full day workshops! Keep on eye on the Classes and Workshops page to catch them when they come up!

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